• Custom Personalized Bourbon Whiskey Distillery Sign #2

    Type in the exact Spelling for the desired NAME, LOCATION, and YEAR established. Be careful when spelling, the sign will be exactly how YOU spell it.

    Custom Personalized bourbon whiskey Distillery barrel top sign. This sign will have YOUR NAME, YOUR LOCATION, and the year YOU choose. Instead of having "Mattingly" if will have YOUR NAME Mattingly Sign Art Barrel Top Signs are hand painted one at a time. No mass production by ink jet printers or screen printing. No decals. Each sign is a true work of art. Mattingly Sign Art signs are created on real used bourbon barrel heads from Kentucky, the bourbon capitol of the world. No FAKE barrel tops here. The bourbon barrel head signs are approx. 21 inches in diameter. Prior to the art work, the barrel head is disassembled, reassembled with Gorilla glue and then placed in clamps for 24 hours to keep the top secure. Then, metal straps made from actual used barrel hoops are secured to the back. This keeps the bowing of the sign to a minimum and protects it in shipping. Each sign is hand painted and takes a minimum of 5 to 6 days to complete the art work with the antique aged effect. The charred surface of the sign still has the burnt charred surface from the whiskey barrel cooperage. The charred surface has a coating of clear varnish to seal and protect it. The sign comes ready to hang and display in your den, basement, bar or man cave with a steel wire secured to the back. Nearly everyone who has purchased and seen a Mattingly Sign Art Sign, say that the pictures do not do the art work justice