• Custom Personalized Distillery Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Top Sign

    Type in the exact Spelling for the desired name, Location and year established. Be careful when spelling, the sign will be exactly how YOU spell it.

     Order a custom personalized had painted Bourbon Whiskey Distillery sign with your name, location and year of your choice. let your friend and family think is it real. order and I will get it painted and shipped out to you ASAP. It will depend on how many signs I have at the time. Generally speaking, an estimate is about two weeks on completion and shipping. Maybe even be sooner. Feel free to contact me prior to ordering for a better estimate for shipping.

      Pepsi Cola Bourbon Whiskey Sign Top.  Mattingly Sign Art Barrel Top Signs are hand painted by me, one at a time. No mass production by ink jet printers or screen printing. No decals. Mattingly Sign Art Signs are painted on REAL used bourbon barrel heads. 

      Many of the "barrel" head signs you see today for sale are not real white oak bourbon barrel heads. Many are signs made from pine purchased from Lowes or Home Depot.

    Each bourbon barrel head is approximately 21 inches in diameter and ready to hang with a cable hanger secured to the back.

     I trust that you will not find any other bourbon barrel signs like Mattingly Sign Art.


    Please note that the signs are made from REAL USED bourbon barrel heads. That means they are not perfect they have been on bourbon barrels for various years under great pressure from the barrel hoops in rick houses going through the season of extreme hot and cold. So, While some heads are in better shape that others, there maybe small gaps between the individual pieces and slight bowing of white oak pieces that makes up the head and I believe that is what makes Mattingly Sign Art signs unique and not like some of the mass produced cookie cutter signs you see. Also, just as furniture made of wood is affected in your home, I can not control the dryness of the humidity in your home.

      I do however take great steps to reduce any separation or bowing of the heads by applying 3 rows of metal barrel hoop straps across the back.


    Also, I am not responsible for the package once it leaves my hand. Any damage that occurs during shipping will be covered by the US Post Office. However, I have paid for additional insurance to cover the cost of the sign at no additional cost to you.


    Mattingly Sign Art Signs are for indoor use only.