• Knob Creek Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Head Sign


    PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ PRIOR TO ORDERING: I do not have one in stock, when you order one, I will paint it for you. Shipping is an ESTIMATE.
    Mattingly Sign Art Bourbon Barrel Signs are not your typical barrel head signs. They are not mass mass produced screen print or ink jet printed signs. I challenge you to find any other barrel head signs like Mattingly Sign Art. This is the ONLY place you will find signs like this. They are hand painted with quality oil paint personally by me. They are painted on REAL used bourbon barrel heads. Many of the "barrel head" signs out there for sale are not REAL used bourbon barrel heads. To add the the uniqueness to the signs, the are secured on the back with real used bourbon barrel hoops. Mattingly Sign Art Bourbon Barrel Heads signs on the average take on a minimum of 6 days to complete not even including the time it takes to prepare the bourbon barrel head for painting such as, coating the back with a sealer, cutting the hoops, grinding the corners, securing them to the back of the barrel head, planing and sanding the barrel head, applying a sealer, waiting for it to to dry then finally, applying the base background coat.
    I have recently raised my prices. The simply truth I was working from sun up to sun down trying to keep up not to even the mention the cost of materials such as the barrels heads, the hoops, self tapping screws, paint, sealers, brushes, etc. It was taking way to long to get the order out to those who ordered the signs. I am hoping with the price increase, it will slow orders down a bit so I can first, get the orders out quicker and ultimately I want to have them painted in advance so that I can get the orders out as soon as I get the orders. Mattingly hand painted signs are signs are only slightly higher than the mass produced ink jet and screen printed signs. So, if you are looking for something truly unique, then I trust you will love Mattingly Sign Art Bourbon Barrel Signs.
    :Mattingly Bourbon Barrel Signs are intended for inside display only and should be kept out of direct heat.
    : Mattingly Bourbon Barrel Head Signs are painted on REAL used bourbon barrel heads and while I try to use the best heads available, some will have small gaps between the wood planks. I feel this adds to the aged look.
    : The Barrel head signs are heavy so, if you choose to hang them, make sure they are properly secured to the wall.
    : Once the sign leaved my hands, I am not responsibly for damage during shipping. That is between you and the shipping agency normally, UPS. However, I have purchased insurance at no additional cost to you to cover damages.
    : Since the signs are made out of wood and just like furniture, sometimes they are effected by humidity or lack thereof in your home. Again, that is something out of my control but I rarely get any feedback of and bad effects.