• Woodford Reserve Distillery 3 Stills Hand Painted Real Bourbon Barrel Top Sign

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    I do not have one of these signs painted and ready for shipping. However, if you want to purchase one, I will paint it for you and get it out to ASAP. I am trying to paint my Bourbon Barrel Head Signs in advance but, I get so many orders, it is hard to do. FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states. If you live outside that area,send an email to, tony@mattinglysignart.com and I will work with you on shipping.

    Simply put, it is highly doubtful you will ever find bourbon barrel signs like Mattingly Sign Art. I am always on the look and have not found any. So, if you want something truly unique, this is the place to order it.

    Mattingly Sign Art Bourbon Barrel Signs are hand painted on REAL used bourbon barrel heads with a combination of a mask and free hand art work.

    The barrel heads are reinforced on the back with REAL used bourbon barrel hoops and screws. They come with heavy duty cable and ready to display. Be sure and mount on a stud. The bourbon barrel heads are heavy and weigh approx. 16 lbs. Mattingly Sign Art Barrel Head signs are intended for indoor use only and should be kept out of heat or direct sunlight. As stated, the Bourbon Barrel Heads are REAL USED heads so they might have small gaps or other imperfections. They are white oak heads and just like any other wood such as furniture, I can not be responsible for the humidity levels in your home. Once the barrel head leaves my hands, I am not responsible for any damage that may occur during shipping. However, I will purchase extra insurance to cover damage to the barrel head sign. All arraignments for insurance claims will be between the shipping source and the customer (you). Final note, I have not had any barrel heads damaged in years.